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Payment Acceptance Redefined

At Touch2Pay we are mad about redefining the customer's payment experience.

We don't believe one solution fits all business models and nor do we believe we can provide something for everyone. But what we do well, is think outside the square. 

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Simple. Smart. Secure



Payment acceptance in the palm of your hands.

Touch2Pay's softPOS technology redefines merchant payment acceptance possibilities. Using Android mobile phones and tablets now broadens payment options with no terminal hardware or monthly cost challenges.

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Payment Terminals
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Touch2Pay seeks to redefine ecommerce payments with innovative QR and SMS based solutions giving consumers greater control and transparency. 

Payment Terminals

The Evolution of payments without the complexity 

Touch2Pay uCube

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The uCube is perfectly suited as a countertop or portable payment device. It's 6.1 cm colour screen and high-resolution QR code make this a very versatile contactless device, insert and tap-to-pay payment options. Linked via Bluetooth to our inhouse phone application means no third-party software is required.

Just download and go!

Touch2Pay T2Go

Touch2Pay's T2GO is a stand-alone portable device that has you accepting payments quickly without the need for additional POS software and or hardware. With dual-sim and WIFI features, you can stay connected all the time no matter where you are. Designed for most business scenarios, the barcode reader and high-resolution touch screen provides an all-in-one compact device that allows you to accept Visa, Mastercard, Google & Apple Pay seamlessly. If you are looking for a cost effective, portable solution that delivers fast, reliable payments all day, the T2GO is the Go!

Touch2Pay P2 Mini 

This stand-alone payment device is feature-rich with Tap2-Pay, swipe and card insert options providing your customer with their preferred payment experience. The P2 mini is a portable work-horse designed for retail & hospitality businesses and comes rugged ready. The built-in barcode and QR code reader provide additional features for your preferred Point-Of-Sale (POS) and inventory management software. With 2G/16G RAM memory, its fast and has a long-battery life. Enjoy the convenience of contactless payments with Touch2Pay P2 Mini.


T2 Tablet

The Touch2Pay T2 Tablet is an android tablet designed for your preferred Point-Of-Sale (POS) application. This all-in-one tablet makes your life simple with a built in NFC payment solution that allows your customers to Tap2-Pay directly on the screen.

No hardware terminal required, leaving your counter top clean & clear for better business. Ideal for order & pay at table customer experiences, this device gives your business another edge. Use our existing and pre-integrated retail and or hospitality POS and you're ready to go without the fuss of third-party software partners. 

Talk to us about how to get business and payments experience to the next level.

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About Us

We specialise in contactless payment solutions for Australian businesses, with the aim to make paying for goods and services quick, easy, secure and readily available.

About Us
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