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Manage your everyday business on the go with the T2 Mini


Providing Unique Experiences in the Market 

Payment processing for businesses just got a whole lot easier with the T2 Mini. This portable stand alone payment device is feature -rich with Tap2 pay, swipe and card insert options providing your customer with their preferred payment experience.

The T2 Mini is a portable work- horse designed for retail and hospitality businesses and comes rugged ready.

The built in barcode and QR code reader provide additional features for your preferred point of sale(POS) and inventory management software with 2G/16G RAM memory its fast and has a long battery life.

Quick . Simple. Secure.

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Powering your customer experience

T2Mini is a revolutionary, easy-to-use portable payment device designed for the retail industry.

Barcode and QR Code scanner functionality for stock checking makes it an essential tool for retailers.

T2 Mini is a small, ultra-light and portable payment device for retail with a sleek design and an attached card reader, with exceptional battery life that can be used for POS or contactless payments.

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Seamless payments made simple

T2Mini is the payment solution for any hospitality business. Its contemporary design and long battery life makes it an easy choice for merchants and retailers.

It is a portable payment device designed for the hospitality industry. Its sleek, minimal design houses a barcode and QR code reader that allows you to scan products and makes it easy to do business anywhere.



or 12 interest free payments of $55/mth 

Per in-person tap, insert or swipe payment transaction.


Device Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to set up your T2 Mini?

What Payment types do you accept?

How to take payments?

How to take payments?

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