Converting your Smart Phone into a Point-of-Sale device

Welcome to a new era of Payments as an Experience (PaaeX) and enjoy freedom and flexibility with the future of payment solutions. T2Pay is an exciting new Payments Platform using SoftPOS software that transforms any smart phone or tablet into a contactless point of sale. 

Download our SDK directly into your app or Web Site

The T2PAY SoftPOS SDK takes care of all the security certifications and functional approved acceptance flow for EMV payments evoking the in-app Touch2Pay Payments Experience - for contactless payment devices and EMV cards.

Creating a safer online shopping experience for your customers.

Your customers no longer need to input credit card details when paying for their shopping cart on your website. T2Pay integrated as a payment option on your website provides your customers with added security, avoiding the need to expose their card details and CVV over the internet.

Integrate T2PAY directly into your app

T2PAY can be embedded into your existing App Solution, allowing your customers to accept contactless payments on their mobile phones or your specific Android tablets. From food delivery apps, table ordering menu apps, SME services and Travel & Accommodation Apps.  Load our SDK pack into your application to offer contactless payments to your current customer base. 

Getting paid when the job is done.

Allow your customer to pay with their EMV card directly onto your Mobile-Phone or send them an invoice via SMS  and have them use their EMV card and pay directly on their own Mobile-Phone device.

Payments as an experience

T2Pay offers the same level of security and consumer protection as a physical payment terminal. We are working actively with industry forums, payment providers, and certification labs to implement the latest security standards for “touch2pay” and “pin on glass” functionality.