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Why We Are Here

Touch2Pay was founded to address a gap in the payment industry, offering businesses of all sizes innovative, secure, and accessible solutions. We thought the "one size fits all " era needed to come to an end and offer merchants and other PayFacs with the lastest smart solutions that will disrupt the payments landscape.  Our commitment to payments innovation positions us as tech industry leaders, dedicated to empowering businesses for growth.



We specialise in contactless payment solutions for Australian businesses with the objective of delivering a reliable and customer-focused payment experience.


Our Mission

 At Touch2Pay, we are committed to revolutionizing the payments industry by positioning ourselves at the forefront of technological evolution. Founded in a time of change and innovation, we seek to challenge traditional banking methods and provide adaptive, customizable solutions that align with modern business models. Our aim is to enhance both consumer and merchant payment experiences, offering innovative solutions that not only meet today's demands but also anticipate future needs. We believe in empowering merchants with tools that complement their unique strategies, fostering growth and innovation. Together, we strive to redefine the way payments are made, building a world where transactions are seamless, efficient, and tailored to the ever-changing landscape of commerce.

Our Team

The Touch2Pay team is a dynamic group of industry professionals who have spent the majority of their careers developing their skills and expertise in their respective fields. Our team consists of CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior business specialists in finance, technology and software development. T2Pay is all about the Payments Experience and bringing contactless payments technology to the forefront of everyday life.


Touch2Pay provides innovative B2B payment solutions, from terminal devices to payment processing and merchant bank settlements. 
Whether you are a POS vendor or third-party PayFac, we offer both integrations and payments-as-a-service solutions taking the sweat out of getting your company into the market faster.

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